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RГёye Formation (RГёyeformasjonen)



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From the Norwegian name for the Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus).



The type section is defined as the interval from 1745.4 m to 1623.5 m in well 7128/6-1 located on the Finnmark Platform (Fig. 53). The base of the formation is there characterised by a marked increase in the gamma ray log response, and a corresponding decrease in both density and interval transit time based on the density and sonic logs. This represents the transition from tight limestones of the underlying IsbjГёrn Formation to silicified deposits in the basal part of the RГёye Formation (Fig. 54).



Fig. 53. Well logs of the type section of the RГёye Formation in 7128/6-1.

For explanation of symbols see Fig. 3.


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In Loppa High well 7120/1-1, with formational base at 2997 m on the Ulv Formation; this well shows an interfingering of the RГёye and Г