A Concise Geologic Time Scale 2016

James G. Ogg, Gabi M. Ogg, and Felix M. Gradstein

Provides a concise summary of Earth's history over 4.5 billion years, including contemporaneous events on the Moon, Mars, and Venus

(Winner of the PROSE Awards 2017: Earth Science, Association of American Publishers)

Elsevier , 2016


The Geologic Time Scale 2012

Felix M. Gradstein, James G. Ogg, Mark D. Schmitz, and Gabi M. Ogg

Serves as the standard international framework for deciphering the history of our planet, providing a complete stratigraphy of all periods and stages with regional applications

Elsevier , 2012

vol1      volume 2


The Concise Geologic Time Scale (CGTS)

James G. Ogg, Gabi Ogg and Felix M. Gradstein

Cambridge University Press, 2008