Chapter 1. Introduction

A. Origin and Purposes of the Guide

The purposes and spirit of this short version are the same as those of the second edition of the Guide: to promote international agreement on principles of stratigraphic classification and to develop an internationally acceptable stratigraphic terminology and rules of stratigraphic procedure-all in the interest of improved accuracy and precision in international communication, coordination, and understanding.

B. Composition of Subcommission

The membership of the Subcommission represents a worldwide geographic spread of stratigraphers and stratigraphic organizations and a wide spectrum of stratigraphic interests, traditions and philosophies.
Over the years, the number of members has ranged from 75 to 130 representing 30 to 45 countries.

C. Preparation and Revision of the Guide

D. Spirit of the Guide

Like the second edition of the International Stratigraphic Guide, this abridged version is offered as a recommended approach to stratigraphic classification, terminology, and procedure, not as a "code".

E. National and Regional Stratigraphic Codes

The ISSC has always supported the development of national and regional stratigraphic codes; these codes have helped in the past in developing principles, and providing a testing ground for various proposals contained in the Guide.

F. Alternative or Dissenting Views