Links to other Earth History websites

There are many excellent books on historical geology, paleontology, individual periods of geologic time and other aspects of stratigraphy.  Some of this information on the history of Earth’s surface and its life is now available on websites which are continuously being updated and enhanced.  Some selected ones (biased slightly toward North America) are:

Palaeos: The Trace of Life on Earth (compiled and maintained by Toby White)
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and others it references at end of each period. 
There is also a WIKI version being compiled at
The Palaeos suite has incredible depth and is written for the general scientist.


Smithsonian paleobiology site
After entering, then select Period or Eon by clicking on [Make a Selection] in upper right corner of screen.


Web Geological Time Machine (compiled by Museum of Paleontology, University of California)
and an accompanying History of Life through Time
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Wikipedia online encyclopedia (a public effort)
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has excellent reviews of each geologic period and most stages.


Historical Geology on-line (Pamela J.W. Gore; for University System of Georgia)
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Great image-illustrated site, plus lots of links to other relevant sites from Index page.


Plate Reconstructions (images and animations), some selected sites:  Paleomap Project (by Christopher Scotese)
Global Plate Tectonics and Paleogeography (Ron Blakey, Northern Arizona University)
-- and, both global and paleogeography of the southwestern USA. 
Plates (Institute of Geophysics, Univ. Texas at Austin)
Geology: Plate Tectonics  (compiled by Museum of Paleontology, University of California)
Paleogeography sites

databases, especially micropaleontology.  Paleobiology Database (maintained by John Alroy) -- -- mainly macrofossils.

Additional collections of links to stratigraphy of different periods and paleontology of various phylums are at
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and other sites.
A Paleontologist's Guide to Dental Analysis recommended by the Science Discovery Club of the North Central Plains Charter School
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