GSSP for Jiangshanian


The base of the Jiangshanian Stage is exposed at the base of Dadoushan Hill, west of Duibian Village, Zhejiang Province, China. The boundary level is 108.12m above the base of the Huayansi Formation in the Duibian B section and corresponds with the first appearance of the agnostoid arthropod Agnostotes orientalis.


The Duibian B Section is situated at Duibian Village about 10 km north of Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, China at a latitude of 28°48.958'N and a longitude of 118°36.896'E.
GSSP for Jiangshanian


The boundary section lies within the Huayansi Formation. The Huayansi Formation consists of dark, thin-bedded, argillaceous and laminated limestones. The GSSP is located 108.12m above the base of the Huayansi Formation at the base of an 8 cm thick layer of dark gray calcisiltites.

Primary Markers:

Agnostoid arthropods:
The boundary level corresponds with the FAD of the agnostoid trilobite Agnostotes orientalis.

Secondary Markers:

Carbon Isotopes:
The FAD of Agnostotes orientalis occurs within the upper part of the SPICE excursion, near the end of a long, monotonic decline of the d13 C excursion.

Correlation Events:

Agnostoid arthropod FAD of Agnostotes orientalis

Other Locations around the World:

Agnostotes orientalis has a worldwide distribution. The species is known from Australia, Kazakhstan, Laurentia, Russia, South Korea and South China.

Notes on Derivation of Age:

Estimaged from trilobite-zone scalings

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