GSSP for Priabonian Stage


The base of the Priabonian Stage of the Eocene Series is located at the base of the Tiziano Bed, a prominent crystal tuff layer at 63.57 m level in the Alano di Piave section, NE Italy.


The Alano di Piave section (Veneto Prealps, Belluno province, N. Italy)crops out for ~ 500 meters along the banks of the Calcino Creek, between the small villages of Colmirano and Campo, ~ 1 km NE of the Alano di Piave village at a Latitude of 45°54’51.10"N and a longitude of 11°55’4.87"E.
GSSP for Priabonian Stage


The Alano section consists mainly of hemipelagic marls intercalated with thin sandy-silty layers. Some of the sandy-silty layers are up to 6 cm thick and six of those are named crystal tuff layers. The Tiziano crystal tuff layer is designated as the GSSP level for the Priabonian.

Primary Markers:

Tiziano crystal tuff layer at 63.57m level in the Alano section.

Secondary Markers:

Markers across the Bartonian-Priabonian Boundary:
Markers level
Top of calcareous nannofossil Chiasmotithus grandis 66.47m
Tiziano Bed (GSSP) 63.57m
Base of subchron C17n.2n 62.96m
Top of foraminifer Morozovelloides 57.52m
Top of large acarininid foraminifera 57.32m
Base of subchron C17n.3n 52.62m

Correlation Events:

Foraminifer LAD of Morozovelloides, Calcareous nannofossil acme of Cribrocentrum erbae


Agnini, C., Backman, J., Boscolo Galazzo, F., Condon, D.J., Fornaciari, E., Galeotti, S., et al., 2021, Proposal for the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the Priabonian Stage (Eocene) at the Alano Section (Italy). Episodes 44/2: 151-173.

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