GSSP for Priabonian Stage


The base of the Priabonian Stage of the Eocene Series is located at the base of the Tiziano Bed , a prominent crystal tuff layer at 63.57 m level in the Alano di Piave section, NE Italy.


The Alano di Piave section (Veneto Prealps, Belluno province, N. Italy)crops out for ~ 500 meters along the banks of the Calcino Creek, between the small villages of Colmirano and Campo, ~ 1 km NE of the Alano di Piave village at aLatitude of 45°54’51.10"N and a longitude of 11°55’4.87"E.
GSSP for Priabonian Stage


Primary Markers:

Correlation Events:

Foraminifer LAD of Morozovelloides, Calcareous nannofossil acme of Cribrocentrum erbae

Notes on Derivation of Age:

Calibrated magnetic anomaly scale relative to base-Miocene and C24n

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