GSSP for Pliensbachian Stage


The Base of the Pliensbachian Stage (lower Jurassic) is defined at the base of Bed 73b at Wine Haven, Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire Coast, UK. This level coincides with the ammonite association of Bifericeras donovani and Apoderoceras sp., which define the base of the Phricodoceras taylori Subzone of the Uptonia jamesoni ammonite Zone. Secondary global markers include a 87Sr/86Sr ratio of 0.707425 and a brief reversed-polarity magnetic zone within the uppermost Sinemurian.


The GSSP section at Wine Haven is located about 3km S-SE of Bay Town in the Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire, UK at a latitude of 54°24'25" N and a longitude of 0°29'51" W.
GSSP for Pliensbachian Stage


The Sinemurian-Pliensbachian boundary succession lies within the 'Pyritous Shales Member' and comprises pale grey and buff-colored sandy mudstones which pass upwards into silty dark grey shales. The boundary is placed at the base of Bed 73b, 6cm above the mid-line of nodules forming Bed 72.

Primary Markers:

The GSSP is marked by the ammonite association of Bifericeras donovani and Apoderoceras sp.. This association also includes Gleviceras juv. aff. iridescens.

Secondary Markers:

Strontium Isotopes:
Analysis of belemnites yields a calcite 87Sr/86Sr ratio for the boundary level of 0.707425.
The Upper Sinemurian to lowermost Pliensbachian at Wine Haven section has predominantly normal polarity, but two discrete reversed polarity magnetozones are present. One spans much of the aplanatum zone of the latest Sinemurian and terminates < 0.5m below the boundary. The second reversed interval extends from the latest oxynotum subzone probably through the lower part of the raricostatum subzone.

Correlation Events:

Ammonite association of Bifericeras donovani and Apoderoceras sp.

Notes on Derivation of Age:

Cycle-scaled linear Sr trend


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