GSSP for Wordian Stage


The base of the Wordian Stage is defined at 7.6m above the base of the Getaway Ledge outcrop Section of the Getaway Limestone Member of the Cherry Canyon Formation in Guadalupe Pass, Texas, U.S.A. It coincides with the first occurrence of conodont Jinogondolella aserrata in the transitional continuum from Jinogondolella nankingensis.


The GSSP section is located in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas, U.S.A. at the Guadalupe Pass at a latitude of 31.8658°N and a longitude of 104.8328°W.
GSSP for Wordian Stage


Primary Markers:

The GSSP is at the first occurrence of the conodont Jinogondolella aserrata.

Correlation Events:

Conodont FAD Jinogondolella aserrata

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