Rogn Formation (Rognformasjonen)

(Based on NPD Bulletin no. 4)

Viking Group


The Norwegian word for spawn or hard roe. The formation corresponds to the informally used Frøya formation.

Well type section

Well 6407/9-1 (Shell), coordinates 64°21'55.39"N, 07°47'21.76"E, from 1670 m to 1621 m (Fig. 22). Three cores, recovery 35.5 m, including the base.


49 m in the type well.


The formation shows a coarsening upward sequence from siltstones and shales to sandstones which constitute the bulk of the unit.

Basal Stratotype

The Rogn Formation is developed within the Draupne Formation in the type well. The lower boundary is defined at the base of a gradual decrease in the gamma ray log and at a sharp decrease in interval transit time shown by the sonic log (Fig. 21).

Lateral extent and variation

The formation is developed in the Draugen Field area, where it thins laterally away from the type well.


Oxfordian to Kimmeridgian.

Depositional environment

The formation's sandstones are interpreted as shallow marine bar deposits.


There are no known comparable units in surrounding areas.

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